Give Yourself the Best Possible Chance of Success in Business

This guide contains the no-nonsense real truth about what it takes to survive and thrive in business today. Featuring examples and case studies from successful businesses all around the world in different industries. The guide also has easy to follow action steps at the end of each chapter so you can apply what you read to your own business.

This guide will help you:

  • Figure out exactly where you are at in your business journey and how to move forward to the next stage
  • Implement the 3 things you MUST focus on if you want your business to be successful
  • Learn the new rules of sales and marketing so you can make more sales.

3 Keys to Business Survival is based on two decades of real word knowledge and experience from one of Australia’s most experienced Entrepreneurs: AJ Kulatunga

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“AJ was able to make an event happen in 6 days that apparent experts had been unable to deliver after 6 weeks. An asset who thinks on his feet and is not afraid to take a risk” – Jane Johnson, CEO Lifeline Topend

“I’ve really learned to understand what my clients truly want, which is crucial because our business relies on women talking to each other.” – Michelle O’Hara, Intimo Lingerie

“I really enjoyed AJ’s workshop because it has made me think about how to revamp my business to be more inline with my target market.” – Peter Shepard, PSG Consulting

Who Is AJ?

AJ Kulatunga is a Young Achiever, Entrepreneur and the Director of BLKMGK – a consultancy based in Melbourne that specialises in helping businesses grow quicker.

AJ uses non-traditional business tactics to help his clients achieve results and constantly practices what he preaches.

His most recent challenge was securing an international speaking tour without having any contacts in business overseas. In December 2015 he achieved that by using his crazy Entrepreneurial techniques to secure 10 gigs and then delivered the presentations by working through different cultures, mindsets and natural disasters to turn his dream into reality.

Working with AJ is different to other business coaches/mentors/trainers because he works out the quickest way to achieve the results you want instead of putting you on “proven systems” and endless training programs.

With AJ as your business advisor you will:

* Learn new skills to grow your business

* Feel inspired through the work you do every day

* Build up self confidence that you can achieve anything.

Imagine how different your business would look in 12 months time with a new way of doing things?

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