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With the revolution in technology, the world of business has changed yet many businesses are still playing by the old rules and are not equipped to handle customers who are mobile and social savvy.

Your customers have changed the way they buy,
but have you changed the way you sell?

BLKMGK helps you understand the new rules of business and supports you with the right tools and techniques to help you achieve your business goals. We work with Startups and New Businesses who want to grow; and support Established Businesses who want to regain control of their original business goals.

Who Are You?

Established Business

Your goal is stability. You want to make sure the business can run independently and still generate the required cash flow without you having to be on-site all the time.

The most common problem that established businesses face is a lack of control. You have plenty of customers but servicing them causes stress and frustration. The business ends up running your life, instead of the other way around.

After analysing your business and your goals, BLKMGK will design systems and processes to make your business run smoother and allow you more freedom, while maintaining cash flow.

Startup / New Business

Your goal is growth. You want to grow as quickly as possible and build your business in such a way to make it attractive for investment or acquisition.

The most common problem that Startups face is the growth stage. You need to secure more customers and partners to grow your business.

After analysing your target market, BLKMGK will show you how to identify and approach strategic partners and develop joint ventures that will grow your business.

Thinking About Starting a Business?

Your goal is motion. You probably already work a day job but want to get started on your new business idea and generate income as soon as possible to get you out of your day job.

The most common problem that employees thinking about starting a business have is falling in love with their idea and failing within a few months because they don’t understand the mechanics of a successful business.

After analysing your business idea and potential target market, BLKMGK will design a business plan to give you the best possible chance of success.

Why Choose BLKMGK?

There are three main reasons why our clients choose us

20+ Years Online Experience

We understand the world of mobile, social and online technologies because we have seen them develop over the past two decades. These industry insights allow us to leverage the right tools and technology to grow your business without wasting time, money and energy on solutions that just won’t work.

Trusted Business Advisor

Our Director is extremely passionate about business and is a keynote speaker on business, motivation and leadership. He knows these skills inside out and understands how to keep you inspired and motivated during the tough times to become successful in business.

Personalised Service

While many business coaches put you into standardised programs, BLKMGK approaches things differently. We listen to what you want to achieve, examine your current business and then use tools and techniques specific to your circumstances to achieve your business goals. Think of it like having your own chauffer driven limousine taking you where you want to go, instead of using public transport.

What Do Our Clients Think?

We work with a diverse group of clients from Small Business to Multinationals

AJ was able to make an event happen in 6 days that apparent experts had been unable to deliver after 6 weeks. An asset who thinks on his feet and is not afraid to take a risk.

Jane Johnson, CEO Lifeline Topend

"I've learnt to understand what my clients really want, which is crucial because our business relies on women talking to each other."

Michelle O'Hara, Intimo Lingerie

"I really enjoyed the workshop because it has made me think about how to revamp my business to be more in line with my target market."

Peter Shepard, PSG Consulting

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